Happy Tuesday to you!

I hope that you woke up this morning grateful for the dawn of a brand new day. This is not a time for a new year’s countdown! Doing that means you’re rushing through life. If you are living in 2015, then you do not comprehend the running theme of this website. Worrying about tomorrow robs you of making the most of today. There is a reason why you are a part of this present moment. Take time to figure it out! With that said, let’s get on with today’s post!

Yesterday, I shared a portion of my December vision with you. Did you write your own? If so, that is awesome news! You transformed your thoughts into a declaration. Nonetheless, we cannot stop there. The next step is creating an execution plan for each goal written on the list. The creation of a plan gives life to your vision. The planning phase is where you find out which components of your vision is top priority or non-essential. 

The planning phase is also where you discover your passion. Is there is a goal in your vision that you are weary of executing? Think of why you included it on your list. Is the goal something your loved ones want you to accomplish? Are you afraid that your goal is impossible to achieve? Planning is a phase you want to move through gradually. Thoroughly consider each part of your vision. If you plan effectively, your vision will come to fruition as you thought or even better. 

Today, I am going to devote some time to planning. I want to actualize my vision in the best way possible. Let’s continue to work diligently and support each other along the journey. More importantly, let us place God first in everything we do. Until tomorrow,



Psalm 127:1 Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain.