Happy Thursday to you!

How are you feeling this morning? I feel grateful today. I thank God for your heartfelt words and continuous prayers. May the Lord bless you above and beyond all the blessings you asked Him to grant me. I appreciate the growing community that is forming as a result of this online space. With that said...

Today's post is an exciting one!

I may not be able to shop extravagantly this year. Nevertheless, I am in a festive mood! Please join me in the spirit of celebration by viewing my Thanksgiving & Christmas gift guide! DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST. The items included in this guide are a mix of items I own (e.g. Trilogy candle, Lisa Kleypas novel, festive tees, Little Drummer Boy movie) and items I would love to own (e.g. Folklore pitcher, Christmas devotional, and Thanksgiving children's book). I hope you enjoy my first gift guide. Also, don't forget to check out my tips for an awesome 2014 Thanksgiving celebration, here.

Thanksgiving & Christmas Gift Guide 2014