Happy Sunday to you!

How are you doing on this lovely November afternoon? I hope all is well for you and your loved ones. If not, I will keep praying until things improve. We all experience highs and lows in life. So, it is necessary to have support in the not so good times. With that said,

It is the start of a brand, new week!

Today's post is holiday related. You may be one of those persons, pulling out the Christmas decorations. I know with all of the festivity in stores and in your community, it may be hard to wait. However, this post is all about Thanksgiving! Be sure to keep a tab on this post, revisit in the weeks to come, and share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. The following are awesome tips to make this year's Thanksgiving full of goodwill and holiday cheer!

1. During your gathering/party, have everyone write a gratitude list. If you are a daily reader, you know how much I love this activity. It really makes a difference when you make it a habit. My suggestion is to buy or create a small, decorative, numbered notepad. Have each of your guest pull off a sheet as they come inside. Let them write 5 things down and place their list inside of a box. Shuffle the lists inside the box. At some point in the evening, have each person choose a list at random and read it aloud. This activity can make for a hilarious or touching moment during the get together.

2. Create a Thanksgiving playlist to play softly during the dinner party. Make sure that no matter how guest arrive that each one leaves your home feeling encouraged, inspired, and uplifted.

3. Set up an arts/crafts table. You may have children attending your event. If your family is like mine, holiday parties are for more than feasting. Make a simple Thanksgiving themed arts table. For example, the project could be making a harvest sign or creating a turkey. You want the project to assemble easily and involve a relatively easy clean up process. Even the adults may want to participate. So have enough supplies.

4. Print unique place cards. Depending on the formality of your dinner party, you may or may not utilize place cards. If you do utilize them at your dining table, this is a fun project. Inside of each place card, type 3 attributes of the guest that you appreciate. Have each guest recite their written attributes aloud. This activity will make for another great moment and show each person how you appreciate their presence this holiday season. Everyone wants to know that they are loved.

5. Make gift bags. Who said presents were only for Christmas? Party favors are always a lot of fun. As each guest prepares to leaves, hand them a mini gift bag, filled with Thanksgiving themed favors. Perhaps, a gratitude devotional, a mini journal, decorative pens or pencils/erasers, mints/chocolates, and a copy of the Thanksgiving playlist. Add whatever favors you prefer. Be sure to keep them inexpensive yet meaningful. You want to keep the message that it is not about the money spent, but it is about the quality and the intent of the gift.

I hope you enjoyed these fun ideas. Do you have any additional suggestions? I look forward to reading them. Have an awesome week! Until tomorrow, 



Psalm 79:13 So we thy people and sheep of thy pasture will give thee thanks for ever: we will shew forth thy praise to all generations.