Do You Have Vision?

Happy Monday to you!

The past few days have felt like spring here in the Northeast. The sun is shining. I love it! I hope this warm, sunny weather is indicative of how 2015 will fare for most of us. I pray that God blesses you with peace, contentment, and fulfillment this year. 

Today, I want to remind you of the importance of recording your vision. If you are an artist: draw, sketch, or paint your vision for 2015. If you love to take notes, write down your hopes and aspirations for your future. If you are a videographer, record a video where you discuss your desires for the year. If you are a photographer, snap shots of places you want to travel, foods you want to eat, and things you want to accomplish. Do not allow your current circumstances to hinder you from dreaming. Record your desires via any format available to you. Pin the vision to your wall or doorpost. Tape it to your mirror. Watch your video daily. Pray over your aspirations. Keeping your vision as a mere thought will prevent you from strategizing effectively.

When you are passionate about your goals, it will be apparent to everyone around you. The people in your life will identify what you care about by observing the time and energy you devote to certain things. For instance, you may tell people that you love playing basketball. Yet, your loved ones always find you swimming, watching swim meets on television, or wanting to swim competitively during family trips to the beach. Meanwhile your basketball sits in a corner of your apartment collecting dust and you have not walked to your neighborhood court in months. Or, you may tell your spouse that you love your career in culinary arts. Yet, you come home from catering events exhausted, with complaints about cooking/baking all day. Moreover, your wife notices that you are always reading books on accounting, lauding famous financiers, and expressing interest in signing up for college courses and taking the CPA exam. When you keep your true passion as a mere ideal, you rob yourself of a quality life.

Now is the time to develop a plan to pursue the interests that you care about and are willing to pursue. Challenges arise with any interest you pursue. Nevertheless, when you love what you are doing, the challenges will not scare you into stagnancy. They will propel you into diligent action.



Matthew 6:21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.