Happy Tuesday everyone!

Did you enjoy the celebration of National Poetry Month here on LoveCompassionateLee? It was a pleasure to share some verses with you. If you haven’t had a chance to check them out, click HERE. You are always welcome to leave your own poems in the comment section. Today’s post brings back a weekly series that is the foundation of this blog. Personally, I believe sharing this series has led to so many blessings in my life. I know those of you who participate can also relate to the reward of thanksgiving. It’s liberating, inspiring, and highly essential. For me, giving thanks is like breathing. Without further ado, here’s my


Thank you Heavenly Father for your reproof. It is a symbol to me of your great love.

Thank you God for your protection. I appreciate that you are always present with me.

I am grateful for my family: my grandmother, my parents, my brother, my aunts, my uncles, and my cousins. You all make life worth living, and I am proud to belong to you.

Thank you God for your provision. Every day of my life, you sustain me God.

I am thankful for life’s quiet moments.

Thank you God for the struggle that comes with maturation.

Thank you God for healing broken people.

Thank you Lord for allowing me to experience true friendship.

Thank you God for teaching me the power of forgiveness and the freedom of letting go.

I am grateful for honest people.

Thank you God for laughter on behalf of everyone who was able to experience it today. What a much needed release!


Now it’s your turn! Yes, you! What are you thankful for? Don’t be shy, share your own gratitude list in the comment section. Also, be sure to purchase a journal and keep the gratitude flowing everyday.




Psalm 96:8 Give unto the Lord the glory due unto his name: bring an offering, and come into his courts.9 O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness: fear before him, all the earth. 10 Say among the heathen that the Lord reigneth: the world also shall be established that it shall not be moved: he shall judge the people righteously. 11 Let the heavens rejoice, and let the earth be glad; let the sea roar, and the fulness thereof.