You Have Arrived

The work that you are doing right now is ministry. It may not look as glamorous or as appealing as what your best friend is doing, but your work has major importance. This is why God commands you to do everything as unto the Lord and not unto man. As you interact with the persons on your job or in your community, you are interacting with God. Think about how you made that young person laugh. Think about how you lightened the load of the elderly person next to you on the train. You left a lasting impression on their lives. You demonstrated love and that expression of concern gave them the strength necessary to press on.

You have the right to feel tired or weary, but you don’t have the right to think or speak negatively concerning the work that you do in this season. It’s a powerful mission that you are on, and God knew you had just the right characteristics to fulfill this purpose. You may feel like the lessons you have to learn are too strenuous and burdensome. Nevertheless, the wisdom and understanding you are gaining today is not only for you.The wisdom and understanding is meant to be shared with specific persons that will walk along your path.

So rest up tonight and be encouraged. This mission has an end point. So, make sure that you give your all to this work while it is day. You will have a chance to look back at this season one day. Make sure you do what you need to now to avoid regrets later.

I appreciate your efforts and bless you.

God is your strength and eternal guide.



John 9:4 I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.