Infallible Love

Happy Monday to you!

In life, there is nothing more fulfilling than the love of God. God, alone, will see you at your worst, base self and say, "You're still desirable to me." God, alone, made the ultimate sacrifice to reconcile you to Himself. He came in the flesh as Jesus Christ and bore your sins and clothed Himself with your pain, sorrow, and brokenness. He did this so He could serve as an empathetic redeemer. He was tempted in every way and never gave in to sin. He became the first man to sustain dominion over sin and death. He gave his life. He rose again with power over hell and the grave. When we accept God's love through accepting Christ's salvation, we also gain freedom from sin and freedom from eternal separation from God.

Many things in life come to separate us from the love of God. People, experiences, vices, etc...they tempt us to trade in God's consistent, pure, abiding love for fleeting pleasure or happiness. Sometimes we give in to the lust of our flesh, and our hearts deceive us into thinking that the moments are worth the growing distance from God. Sometimes, we are cocky enough to think that we can return to God's love after we feed our lust because He will always want us.

Yet, it is not true that He will accept us as we are, in continual transgression, no willingness to repent, no fight against sin. God is willing to remain distanced from us if we deny His salvation and choose to be slaves to sin. Perhaps you feel like you are loved already by a family member or friend who supports you no matter what. Thus, you feel no desire for or connection to love from a God who you cannot visualize. Nevertheless, I tell you the love and support of flesh fails in comparison to the true love of God. Human love often comes with conditions and expectations. Human love is fallible. God's love remains steadfast, and His mercy renews each day. Today, I am asking you not to let another person, experience, or bad habit create more distance between you and your true love- God your Father. Relinquish everything that would cause you to miss out on the peace, joy, and lasting contentment of abiding in God's presence.

PS. You may be reading this post and feel God drawing you closer to Him. Yet, your heart and your flesh is pulling you to obey your lusts and surrender to sin. As long as you are living in this life, temptation will exists. Fighting temptation is never easy when you rely on your own strength. It takes surrender to God, admission of temptation, and reliance on God's strength to overcome. Here's a prayer for you:

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for loving me. I acknowledge you as the sovereign creator of the heavens and the earth. I acknowledge the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and the redemption that He wrought for me. My heart and my flesh, at times, lead me astray. Sometimes, I prefer the pleasure of the moment over the lasting nature of your love for me. Please give me a pure heart and a renewed mind. I feel you drawing me to your presence, God, and I want nothing to separate me from your love or cast me out of your presence. Father God, continue to transform me through your grace and mercy. Also, help me to be gracious and merciful and loving to others as you have been to me. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen. 



Jeremiah 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?