Happy Thursday to you!

April is National Poetry Month. Here on the blog, we're going to close out the week by sharing some verses. If you're a lover of this art form, feel free to share your own verses in the comment section below.

Untitled Poem

Unexpectedly you came

To bring blessings not foreseen

It was your quiet moments

Taking in the sunlight and oxygen

Free to breathe

At peace

It was the mystery of tomorrow

Sometimes that scared me

Then I recognized the presence of God

Gifting comfort and clarity

Knowing that the best days lie ahead

Never has He broken a promise

Exceeding expectations

Some I held, some I didn’t know to hold

Every day was my teacher

I learned from the tears and the laughter

Assuming my rightful place

All the while exuding strength

It was God who resides within me

Learning how to be a more sacred temple

Guarding my heart, surrendering my life

To Jesus daily

Secure in Him

Not afraid to win

Remembering victories already won

I humbly come

Into my moment—

Bless God

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