Happy Saturday to you!

April is National Poetry Month. Here on the blog, we're going to close out the week by sharing some verses. If you're a lover of this art form, feel free to share your own verses in the comment section below.

Untitled Poem

This pain I carry within

Born to bear it

Stronger with every tear

Streaming from my eyes

Laughter-- meant to crush me

Propelling me to levels of faith

If I did not matter

Life would not plague me

Yet each chance he gets

Satan attempts to pluck my wings

It's a supernatural thing

How I continually soar

To heights unimaginable

A wind, a force guiding me

To Lands Promised


Get to land on THEM

Declaring peace.

With my olives and the pieces

You thought I would be in

You cannot find because


Claiming inheritance 

Rejoicing the day

Where I finally heard your cry

Long ago I cried

Thinking I would never hear 

And all of your trials to come 

I do not fear 

For you were birthed with strength 

To bear

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