Happy Wednesday to you!

In the previous post, we talked about the importance of community. In particular, we discussed ways to engage your community through service and love. Today’s post is going to further our discussion on being a person with and for others. The book of Proverbs advises us that a person who wants or has friends must be friendly. Many of you would think that counsel is common sense. Yet, we have all heard the saying that “Common sense isn’t very common.” Thus, that piece of wisdom from Proverbs is a good reminder that we should look to often.

Now, let’s focus on one component of being friendly—the matter of compromise. Normally, people associate compromise with negativity. Automatically, a person hears compromise and she thinks a loss of one’s values. Yet, compromise does not have to include or imply denial of one’s moral values. Compromise also has a positive side, and it is very necessary to maintain relationships in your community. 

One thing that compromise can show you is that your way isn’t always the best way. For instance, your spouse has discovered a faster route to get to your parents house. You are used to the way you’ve traveled to visit them for 5 years. Honestly, you don’t feel like learning the new route. Your spouse informs you that it will help you save on gas and arrive quicker, which gives you more time to spend with your folks. Instead of fighting against change, this is an instance where compromise is beneficial.

Another example is that your friend always hosts an annual party to celebrate the start of the NFL season. He either has it catered or prepares all the refreshments for the yearly event. This year, he has lost his job. He still wants to host it at his home but would like everyone to bring a dish and a dessert. He’s been hosting it for the past 8 years. Certainly, the right thing to do is [willingly] shell out the cash to make sure all the usual amenities are available. Everyone pitching in is a compromise that will definitely put a smile on your friend’s face. 

There are so many other examples to demonstrate the benefits of compromise. No matter if it’s your sibling, cousin, friend, etc., compromise is an essential part of any relationship. In order to engage your community effectively, you have to be willing to do things outside of your comfort zone. Now it’s important to remember that there’s one thing that you should NEVER compromise. Under no circumstances is it beneficial to make a compromise against God’s commands. For His commands tend to life and to disregard them is to accept destruction. In all other cases, make the compromise and keep the unity flowing in your relationships. 



Proverbs 18:24 A man who has friends must himself be friendly, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.