Happy Saturday to you!

It is an extremely hot and humid day (here on the Northeast). It is also the day before my birthday, and I'm spending time with Zelena (my best friend who sometimes contributes guest posts to LCL), her 5-month old daughter (who you saw in photos from the last post), and a few my family members. My heart is filled with so many emotions. My mind is consumed with so many thoughts. Therefore, I needed to take a moment. I needed to be in solitude and tell God, thanks. If you are a regular to this website, you know how seriously I take the following exercise. Writing a weekly gratitude has changed my life. This weekly exercise has forced me to consider how blessed I truly am. It has matured me beyond expectation. I started writing these lists out of a sense of duty. Now, I write them as a source of fulfillment. Expressing gratitude makes me happy. I love to appreciate God. I love that He responds to my gratitude in such miraculous ways. What better choice to make than to usher in another year of life with a thanksgiving list? These are the things I am grateful for today:

Weekly Gratitude List

1. Thank you Lord for your comforting and loving presence.

2. Thank you Lord for your kindness and favor.

3. Thank you Lord for blessing me with another year of life.

4. Thank you for my family and friends who have celebrated me at this time.

5. Thank you family and friends for your presence and your love expressed through cards & gifts.

6. Thank you Lord for the blessings you pour over my life. They are too numerous to recount in this post. 

7. Thank you Lord for being patient with us and forgiving us.

8. Thank you Lord for open doors and for closed ones too.

9. Thank you Lord for your protection as we travel to various destinations.

10. Thank you Lord for new beginnings.

11. Thank you Lord for working miracles in the lives of so many people throughout the world.

12. Thank you Lord for this day.

Now, I would like to hear from you! What reasons do you have to be grateful on this Saturday? Be sure to share them in the comment section below. There's no such thing as a long or short list. Feel free to speak from the heart.



I will praise thee with uprightness of heart, when I shall have learned thy righteous judgments. Psalm 119:7